From Tantrika to Valle della Luna: Sardinia 2020

From the Tantrika to the Valle della Luna in a caravan, car or hitchhiking, as it was in the days of the Hippies communities. The Summer of Love is coming.


The annual Tantrika gathering, now in its fourth edition, will also take place this year in Sardinia. Sardinia was chosen by Octopus as a representation of Mother Nature “Dea Manna”, in fact the island has the largest forest in the Mediterranean, with an area of 1,241,409 hectares, a green lung that allows to emit massive quantities of oxygen and, at the same time, to absorb a good part of the CO2 present in the air. But Sardinia is above all sea, not by chance the cetacean sanctuary is found here, in Arzachena, a wonderful place where these large mammals pass in search of tranquility and shelter.

The Tantrika this year takes on the characteristics of a true Eco Gathering in the name of respect for nature, promoting a culture and behavioral methods, for the creation of an international ecological community committed to environmental protection.

As from the second edition, the gathering is free and aimed at members only, thus distinguishing itself from both commercial festivals for the wealthy, and from illegal events linked to the world of Tekno.

The Tantrika is first of all a regeneration event, the chosen areas are in fact adopted and a defense and restoration project begins on them. The event becomes the excuse by which the association can carry out a real political project of environmental defense.

Today the defense of the environment requires an intellectual effort, an important and conscious change of direction. Octopus intends to promote the creation of protected areas in the area, also giving its members the opportunity to take advantage of a discount ranging from 5% to 10% at accommodation facilities located in the most beautiful and naturalistic places in Sardinia, but also for rent of campers and caravans to be able to better visit this earthly paradise.

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Valle della Luna

The Valle della Luna is located on a small peninsula (Capo Testa) in the far north of Sardinia, and has been known since the 1960s as a meeting place for hippies.

The name of this valley is given by the particular geological conformation of the place, formed by seven valleys divided between them by imposing granite rocks.

In this valley, over the millennia Nature has created comfortable caves, where since the 60s some Hippies have been established in flight from the city and the degradation of a hectic life to the perennial run-up of money and material goods, which still live on closely contact with the surrounding environment.

Now the inhabitants of the Valley of the Moon are at risk of eviction, someone is not right that there are independent people who live without income and no fixed abode, so they are trying in every way to “demonize” the community, accusing it of building abuse and other.

Octopus therefore intends to promote a summer 2019 with an environment and a lifestyle in contact with nature, urging all Tantrika participants to go to the Moon Valley, thus giving real support to its inhabitants and an answer clear to all those who would like to evict this historic community, the Hippies do not touch !!!

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