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Tantrika 2019 ۞ 3rd Summer of Love

The TANTRIKA before being defined as a festival or a gathering, represents a visionary and utopian “new age” community, which partly follows the path of the Rainbow Gathering, but differs from the latter as it is also the largest gathering in the world of underground DJs engaged, without compensation but only for passion, in the creation of an open-air laboratory of electronic music. Moreover, TANTRIKA, since its first edition, has been characterized as a festival for the regeneration of depressed / abandoned areas and as a possibility for local communities to participate actively without any restriction.

On these occasions, the emphasis is on freedom of thought and expression, on an active participation that contrasts with a mere passive enjoyment typical of commercial festivals.

In order to better manage relations with the administrations, the associative path has been chosen, which means that only the members can participate in the festival. The Octopus association, committed on national and international territory, wants through the regeneration of the areas to bring wellbeing and culture where the unemployment rate and environmental degradation are most felt.

The membership fee represents a small contribution for the construction costs (only 10 euros online). The card that is issued lasts one calendar year and allows you to participate in all membership events for free. Obviously it is possible to support the association also with direct donations.

Entry is not paid, there are no hierarchies and everyone can make their contribution as and when they want. Each of the participants is responsible for organizing and preparing the event.

Artists from all over the world have the opportunity to express their art in contact with nature. The decorations are strictly organic in respect of the environment.

All polluting materials such as plastic, tin, glass, paints and synthetic fabrics are banned. Only biodegradable materials are used and accepted.

Holistic activities range from the creation of classic workshops like Yoga, Tantra and Reiki to the experimentation of the latest generation shamanic pathways.

The TANTRIKA will be held again this year in Sardinia, will always have a duration of 9 consecutive days, from 10/08/19 to 18/08/19